I’m old but I’m happy.

Just like my dear friend Dedo said. I’m getting old. It’s true. But to tell you the truth, I’m happy and lucky to be old. Why? Hmmm coz some chicks do old man, don’t they? Hahaha kidding.

The reason of me being happy is just because I increasingly gain some trust from particular people. How do I get that kind of trust? I must earn it. As simple as that, though isn’t easy.

Sometime people trusted you for an amazingly great matters. Occasionally, we only get silly things. For example; a friend of mine gave me her login id and a password to her blog. So if anything should happen to her, I can run her blog as a caretaker.

As another silly example, my gorgeous friend gave me her secret blog address. Which gave me a full of an amazing and fascinating insights of her intimate stories. Owh I don’t really care whether is a true story or not. I just love it.

It may sounds stupid but I do have a blissful moment from these kind of things 0000ythn.gif

Phew..capek juga nulis pake bahasa Inggris, secara gue udah lama gak nulis yang beginian. Pokoke sudah berani memulai lagi. Ada yang mau ngoreksi? Monggoooo…

1 Comment

  1. Huahaha….
    What kinda of posting is this? Ragil is h…y? hihi…(go figure)

    I aplaud you for having the courage to start something ‘new’ hehe…Variasi lah, salah ya gak papa toh.

    Otherwise life would be too predictable and boring, ya gak?


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